2023 February


27 Feb: Meet Bodhi

When Bodhi was initially diagnosed with T-ALL he was given a cuddly toy with a central line attached as part of his emotional support but, unfortunately, it only served to scare him and he refused to have it in his bedroom. Chemo Duck was a whole different ball game. He immediately fell in love. Aside from the brilliant fact that…

Poppy and Emily King siblings small

08 Feb: Children’s Mental Health Week

“Hi, the ducks arrived! Poppy and Emily absolutely love them. They love the little outfits and have picked one for PJ’s and the other for going to nursery and school which they proudly done yesterday. They feel like they are with Corey on this journey when he’s getting his medicine and receiving treatment. Their ducks will help him they said….

Newcastle 4

01 Feb: Road trip to Newcastle!

On Wednesday 25 January, Eve and Elaine attended the Newcastle Hospitals Charity first Charity Forum at Newcastle United.   The forum was engaging and informative and provided a great opportunity to network with other charities. There is something special about in person meetings and Eve and Elaine loved introducing Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope to the forum attendees – they are…