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A perfect game!


LBT Brick & Facades Ltd host an annual bowling event to raise money for various charities.

Give A Duck received the vote this year and we were quite literally bowled over to hear that the event raised an incredible £1,426.00 – their highest total yet!

The donations raised on the night included 10 ducks each from LBT and their co-sponsor, Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC.  And not only this, but the Brickability Group PLC Foundation have matched their donation, making the grand total £2,826.00.

Steven Leggott, Commercial Manager at LBT Brick & Facades Ltd said: “LBT Brick and Facades were proud to have raised £ 1,400 on the night with the help of all our clients and our sponsor Martin Jump from Michelmersh Brick Holdings Plc. This being matched by the Brickability Group PLC Foundation made it even more special. The Give A Duck Foundation is quite a special and unique charity and provides much needed comfort to children going through difficult times.”

Strike up a conversation with Give A Duck today about your next charity night! We’d love to be your next partner.

Call Elaine on 07856 383 974 or send a message via e-mail to


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