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BBC The One Show surprise!


It’s been a whirlwind two weeks since our charity founders Karen and Andrew received a One Big Thank you from Martin Kemp on BBC’s The One Show.

Did you watch? Watch here ! (skip to 11:45)

We’re thrilled to share a grand total of £3,560 was received in donations – whilst the feature aired and in the days that followed. Thank you everyone!

Here’s just a handful of the donor comments received…

“After watching The One Show, my husband and I agreed what a fabulous charity for us to donate to, amazing work!”
“I just saw the section on the BBC The One Show and just wanted to donate”
“I give a duck”
“I have been watching the One Show – well done for the brilliant work you do”
“We hope this makes a child’s journey a little easier”
“I hope our duck finds an awesome child somewhere soon xxx”
“Saw the fantastic work that you do on The One Show, brought tears to my eyes”
“Just watched The One Show, had to donate”
“I was deeply moved by The One Show tribute to your work. I’m grateful for my two grown up children and the joy they have brought to my life. I hope this gift makes a child smile and feel loved”
“I was so impressed with hearing about the work you do on The One Show last night. Just wanted to send a donation. It’s amazing what you do”


We hope you enjoyed watching the feature, it was certainly a very special moment for the charity and one Karen, Andrew and everyone at Give A Duck won’t ever forget!

Thank you as always for your incredible support.

Inspired to get involved? We’d love to hear from you! Visit the website or get in touch, e-mail:


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