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“Chemo Duck is a must every night at my house…”


“Chemo Duck is a must every night at my house. It’s always around.  Thanks for this amazing idea…

My husband is the person, in the family, responsible for Chemo Duck success among the twins.  At first it was introduced as an element of funny/silly behaviour at the medicines time, in the evening.  Soon it become a must.  We are Portuguese, and we call it Patinho (means little duck). 

Every evening the boys ask for a moment of Patinho.  It’s basically a moment of fun when they are already in bed.  The boys behave well but Patinho doesn’t.  Afonso takes, without complaints, his medicines, Patinho doesn’t and behaves very badly.  Patinho spits his medicines, Afonso doesn’t. . . Patinho is very funny and silly : )
I am enclosing some pictures that you can also use if you want.  Many thanks again for everyone supporting families.” – Susana, mum

We love to hear family stories about Chemo Duck! Twin brothers Afonso and Gabriel are kept on their toes with Patinho, hee hee!

Did you know…?

Families can now register their Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope ducks with us via the website and in return we send out duck registration certificates for every duck registered! Once registered, families can also request to join the Give A Duck for Families Facebook group.

£25 could fund a Chemo Duck

£50 could fund a Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope


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