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How personalising Chemo Duck makes all the difference…

“My 7 year old son was diagnosed with leukaemia and is being treated in Glasgow Royal Hospital for Sick Children NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He was given a Chemo Duck and the registrar mentioned that there is a group of people who may be able to help personalise it for him. He is obsessed with wrestling and as yet has shown little interest in Chemo Duck, favouring his wrestling figures instead. I realise how helpful Chemo Duck can be, especially when discussing ports, cannulas etc. I am hoping a more wrestler-orientated Chemo Duck might get him on board with it and he’ll start to engage with it.” – Maeve, mum

Blue Light Babies to the rescue!

A few weeks later…wrestler outfits were created and sent to the family:
“Thank you so very much for making our Chemo Ducks the coolest Chemo Ducks around. John-Julius and his brother Francis have been playing with them non-stop and talking about the port etc. such a difference in how much he is willing to engage with the toy now.” – Maeve, mum
How wonderful to hear this! Huge thank you to our dear friends at Blue Light Babies, you are amazing and your support is incredible.

Find out more how we formed our relationship with Blue Light Babies here:

Just £50 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer and Huggable Hope for their sibling.
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