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Introducing Blue Light Babies!

‘Blue Light Babies’ IS a wonderful group of creatives who connect online via their Facebook group!

Jo Owen, founder of Blue Light Babies (pictured above) says – “there is knitting from the KnitWits, crocheting by the Hookers and sewing by the Sew and Sews too!”

The members share the projects they have been working on, posting pictures of their creations and supporting each other through the highs and lows of creativity. Jo regularly posts to the group to keep everyone connected and share news, inspire and motivate the members!

One of the many projects they support is the Chemo Duck outfits which are donated to the Great North Children’s Hospital. Jo first heard about Chemo Duck when a lady called Sue contacted Jo to ask her if she could make an outfit for her son’s Chemo Duck. Thomas has now finished his cancer treatment and has rung the bell to signify the end of his treatment.

The Chemo Duck outfits take on many themes (much like the creations from our friends over at Rivers MEET in Methley) and Jo even got the UK Men’s Sheds Association involved who were happy to make miniature cricket bats to complete the cricket themed outfits! How cool!

Jo, born and bred in Leeds, now lives in Teesside, where many members also live, BUT there are currently 3,713 members on the Facebook group who live in the UK or another country including Germany, Japan,Australia, Italy and America to name some.

Jo Owen, founder of ‘Blue Light Babies’ Facebook group said:

“I absolutely feel that our group has brought some sunshine and companionship into so many lives.

Chemo Duck has been such a lovely addition to our projects, and has really become a much cherished part of our woolly family. With no patterns to use, some of us have learned to write pattens so that they can be distributed among the group. Chemo Duck has also allowed our creative juices to flow, creating characters and outfits that have just been an absolute joy, and often too a collaboration of people’s skills to bring one outfit together, a true group project in so many ways…

It’s not only the lives we touch by donating the things we make , it’s the complete journey. From it’s very concept, your warmth, friendship and support entered the doors and hearts of people who may rarely have contact with another in this way, both before , during and indeed after COVID 19.

I never really contemplated this when this whole journey began. I thought it was just the end product that would be of value, but not I was so very wrong.”

If you would like to find out more and get involved search for ‘Blue Light Babies’ and request to join the group. You don’t have to be an expert, the group is very welcoming of all abilities, skills and talents and they are always helping each other out offering tips and advice.

The volunteering community is a powerful and very special one indeed. This incredible online ‘family’ of creatives is full of fun, love, laughter and positivity. The talk of a ‘cuppa and a cake break’ is never too far away!

Thank you to Jo and all the members! We are in awe of what you achieve and what you bring to Chemo Duck. We’re so happy we ‘hooked’ up with Jo (pardon the pun!). And that’s not all – more exciting news to follow soon…!

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Comments (5)

Well done winning the recent vote and being awarded much needed funds 👍🏼

Hello. I’ve just followed a link posted by one of my sewing group members on the chemo duck. Is there a pattern to follow and is it both the clothing and the duck that the volunteers make?

Hi Kathleen! Blue Light Babies take care of the patterns of which are created by themselves. If you join their Facebook group, they will look after you and give you access to the patterns in order to made the duck outfits. The ducks are ordered from our own supplier. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us on Thank you!

How do I get the knitting patterns

Hi Heather,
Thank you for your message, please request to join Blue Light Babies Facebook group

They manage the outfits for Give A Duck and will look after you!

Alternatively, if you live in / around Leeds, you could join the Chemo Duck outfit club who meet once a month at Rivers Meet Cafe, Methley:

Thank you!

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