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Meet Bodhi


When Bodhi was initially diagnosed with T-ALL he was given a cuddly toy with a central line attached as part of his emotional support but, unfortunately, it only served to scare him and he refused to have it in his bedroom.

Chemo Duck was a whole different ball game. He immediately fell in love. Aside from the brilliant fact that he acts out all of his treatments and procedures on him, which alleviates a huge amount of anxiety, he actually enjoys playing with him and he’s instantly become an irreplaceable part of the Teddy Team.

Back at home, Thea is being comforted by Huggable Hope who allows her to relate to Bodhi. They have ducks in common and this brings them together at a time where they have to be physically apart a lot. As parents, we will forever be indebted to the team who have brought us some relief and happiness amidst the whirlwind that is cancer treatment. – Alice, mum

£25 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.

Host a Duck Day this April and raise £100+ to support children facing cancer.

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