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Meet Joseph

Meet Joseph & Dave!

The Give A Duck Foundation are proud to share Joseph’s story as part of the ‘Give A Duck this Christmas’ appeal, highlighting the incredible impact and amazing support Chemo Duck provides to children with cancer…

“Joseph has never been a boy that’s been attached to anything he was never really in to cuddly toys or had a special blanket nothing at all like that.

So when he was diagnosed on the 19th May with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) and the play nurse offered him Chemo Duck I nearly said “that’s so kind but he won’t take to it keep it for another child ” but I never, and he happily accepted Dave (his new name) and since then Dave and Joseph go everywhere together.

Not just to the hospital but everywhere, he can’t sleep without him. Dad has had to travel the 2 hours down to the hospital to drop off Dave when we got rushed to hospital with no time to pack properly leaving poor Dave behind. This was too much for Joseph so Dad drove the 240 miles that day because we all knew having Dave with Joseph was just as important as Joseph having his treatment.

The duck allows him to explain to all his friends about his wiggly and how he gets chemo. It’s allowed him to express how he feels by telling us how Dave is feeling. You have really made this experience for Joseph and us a whole lot easier. And for that I can’t say thank you enough. Joseph has just turned 6 and for his birthday he wants to go shopping for bits for Dave the bond is just unreal and I still don’t quite believe it. I will definitely be fundraising for you all as soon as things settle down with Joseph treatment and I can really do Dave the duck justice.” – Claire, mum.


Every week around 30 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer.  The Give A Duck Foundation provide Chemo Ducks to children with cancer and Huggable Hope ducks for their siblings.

Could you help Give A Duck continue to support families facing childhood cancer?

You can make a difference this Christmas.

Just £25 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.  Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help The Give A Duck Foundation continue to provide Chemo Ducks and Huggable Hope ducks to families facing childhood cancer throughout the UK.

Donate £25 today and we will send you a special virtual gift card to recognise your gift to fund a Chemo Duck!  To view this special virtual gift card, click here.  To visit the virtual gift section to donate a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer in the UK click here.

alternatively To make a donation or set up regular giving, please visit:


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