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Outfits are available for every duck!


Dottie (pictured here) loves collecting outfits for her Chemo Duck ‘Duckaline’.


The outfits are lovingly made by hand by volunteers who live in the UK AND across the world!

Every stitch is sewn with love.


Spiderman, Elsa, Dinosaurs, Mr Tumble, Super Mario, Lego, Princesses, Knights, Unicorn, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, football kits…the creations are limitless.

The outfits are created and donated completely FREE of charge to Give A Duck and then sent out in batches to the Hospital Play Teams via our courier trusted Mailbox Express*. The children can select a new outfit in hospital for their duck each month. Siblings can receive new outfits too!

We regularly hear how much the outfit program helps to reduce the children’s fear and anxiety around hospital visits, as they look forward to going to hospital to select a new outfit. How amazing is this?


Blue Light Babies, a group of over 5,700 crafters on Facebook have devised specific patterns for Chemo Duck as he is a unique size & shape!


So, if you’re a creative and would like to become a duck outfit volunteer please request to join the Blue Light Babies Facebook group here, they are a wonderfully kind, friendly and helpful bunch:

You can find out more about how we connected with Blue Light Babies here.

*Mailbox Express are our trusted courier who provide their services completely FREE of charge.

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Where do I send the chemo duck outfits?

Hi! Thank you for your message. Please send to
Blue Light Babies, who manage the outfits for Give A Duck – join the Facebook group here for more information:

Thank you!

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