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Play matters


Play Matters and that’s why we now work with over 25 hospitals and support community play specialists throughout the UK.

On occasion, we receive direct requests of support from families where they attend a hospital not yet supported by Give A Duck.  When this happens we can send Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope sibling ducks directly out to them!

“Thank you so much for Kaitlyn’s Chemo Duck and Jude’s Huggable Hope. She is over the moon with her new duck called Barbie!  A very late bedtime today as we didn’t want to interrupt her game with her new friend. Thank you so much for bringing such a big smile to her face today after such a rough day with an LP* yesterday xxx “ – Emily, mum

*LP = lumbar puncture

We want every child diagnosed with cancer to receive a Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope for their sibling.

For every £25 donated you will receive a virtual gift Chemo Duck thank you card through your letter box in recognition of your support!



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