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Andrew & Karen Phillips

We saw first-hand the benefits of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program when our youngest son Harry was diagnosed with leukaemia aged seven.

Trying to explain procedures and treatment to a child can make them scared, upset and anxious. Chemo Ducks are a tool which can help relieve this anxiety and stop the child becoming upset. When your child is calm, it makes the process less upsetting and stressful for you as parents too. Delivering this tool through fundraising gives NHS staff, play specialists and families another way to help children without any additional cost to the NHS.

Having witnessed the benefits of the program first-hand we have the understanding and real world experiences as parents with a child undergoing cancer treatment. We are also able to store and distribute the Chemo Duck Program from the office and warehouse of the business we run.

We have three children, Hannah, Luke and Harry.