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The kids adore their ducks!

Savannah and sibling - Copy

“The kids adore their ducks. It has really helped to normalise what is going on especially with the central line and the wearing of the bandana. Having a duck each is wonderful as no-one feels left out, and their questions and worries can be addressed and discussed through play. Thank you so much!” – Stefanie, mum


Savannah, age 4 was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in February 2024. Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope are supporting Savannah and her brother Zachariah (age 7), on their journey with childhood cancer. Each time they visit hospital and see the play team, they can select a new outfit for their ducks! Thanks to our amazing volunteers at Blue Light Babies and Rivers Meet for making this possible.

Donate £25 today to provide a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.

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