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Visiting GOSH

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On Friday 14 October, we finally made our first visit to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital to meet the wonderful Play Specialists. The first of many trips!

Thank you to Play Specialists Jennie and Lily from Safari Ward for such a warm welcome. It was great to hear the positive difference we make in helping and supporting families facing childhood cancer.

ou are all amazing.
Your role is vital in helping children understand, learn and prepare for their cancer treatment.
We are so incredibly proud to support you in your role.


As we left Safari ward and made our way down the ward corridor, we spotted the recognisable feet of a Chemo Duck on a bed in a bay.

This is why we do what we do.
We are inspired and committed to helping families facing childhood cancer.

This is just the beginning.
Let’s go.

#GiveADuck #childhoodcancer #ChemoDuck #playmatters #wheresChemoDuckbeen #pihw

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