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Just £25 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.

As seen on BBC’s The One Show. Thank you for your donations! Click here to watch.


We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing volunteers. Whether you’ve got one spare hour, the occasional day or can volunteer every month you’ll be helping us to achieve our mission of giving a Chemo Duck to every child with cancer in the UK.


You can show your support in so many ways…

about give a duck

The Give A Duck Foundation exists to help support families facing childhood cancer throughout the UK.  

Dr Geoff Shenton
Paediatric Haematologist Consultant at Great North Children’s Hospital

“This is such a great initiative. Coming into hospital and getting a central line in can be really scary. Having a new friend like Chemo Duck, who has the same line as the child, is a fantastic way to make this less daunting. The children can save up stamps to get new outfits and many bring them with them all the time. It is a small thing that makes a big difference and I am delighted that Give A Duck is able to provide these for all children with cancer and leukaemia.”

Dr Bob Phillips
Dr Bob Phillips
Paediatric Oncology Consultant at Leeds Children’s Hospital

“Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope, provide a special pal for children living with childhood cancer. They are ways to show how your life is a little different, but full of fun and playful.
There’s a point of shared experience those ducks can exchange with others in their world.”

Natalie Bulmer
Natalie Bulmer
Senior Health Care Play Specialist at Leeds Children’s Hospital

“As Play Specialists we find ways of reducing anxieties/fears in children surrounding medical procedures, Chemo Duck is something every child can associate with. Chemo Duck is an essential and vital tool in the preparation of line insertion; this is done in a non-threating way. Not only does Chemo Duck help us explain about line insertion but he also familiarises the child with medical equipment like syringes, blood bottles etc. Children utilise their ducks by taking them to school or showing friends to help explain what happens to them when they’re not at school.”

Natalie Bulmer
Natalie Bulmer
Senior Health Care Play Specialist at Leeds Children’s Hospital

“Throughout the child’s treatment their tool becomes a friend at a time when they are feeling the most vulnerable and with the Chemo Duck outfits, the children can dress their ducks in clothes similar to themselves helping develop their attachment. This encourages the child to bring the duck to their hospital visit, as they want to choose them a new outfit – creating a positive role.”

Natalie Kisby Huggable Hope
Natalie Kisby
Head of Family Support at Candlelighters

“Huggable Hope provides a companion for all brothers and sisters at this scary and confusing time. Previous to Huggable Hope siblings would often ask if they could have a Chemo Duck too but wouldn’t always understand why they couldn’t, which just seemed unfair to them. However now we have Huggable Hope there is something for them to have of their own which they can find comfort in. Siblings will regularly bring their Huggable Hope along to the support groups we run which is lovely to see and shows what they mean to the children.”

Hayley Gilburt
Senior Play Specialist at St. George’s University Hospital

“Our children and families love getting their duck.  It brings happiness in some of the saddest moments.”

Hayley Edwards
Hospital play assistant at Bluefin Children’s Ward, Worthing Hospital

“Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the ducks, outfits information packs etc our patients really love them and today I watched a newly diagnosed patient clean and put ‘medicine’ into her ducks wiggly whilst she was having hers and it was so lovely to see and it really helped her through her treatment.  We can’t thank you enough at Worthing for providing these for our families they are making a huge difference.”

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Just £25 funds a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer


The power of play is vital for children with cancer, offering them emotional support and a sense of normality during challenging times.

We're on a mission to support children facing cancer and we need your help.

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Huge thanks to the incredible teams from Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire who hiked 10 and 20 miles along the stunning Jurassic Coast, raising over £6000 for Give A Duck in partnership with The Youth Adventure Trust. 💛

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