Elizabeth Hawkhead

Elizabeth HawkheadAnything that raises even the smallest smile or is a comfort to children undergoing treatment is brilliant and I’m proud to be a part of the Give A Duck team.

As a parent I realise that cancer is indiscriminate and effects families from all walks of life. I know that Chemo Duck brings comfort and removes some of the fear for both children and parents, having seen first-hand the impact they have had on three different children that I know. It makes me very grateful for the health of my own children and very humble when I meet parents of children through Give A Duck.

I have a variety of skills to offer as a Give A Duck Trustee having previously worked in a bank and run my own business for 15 years. I often look at issues and opportunities from a different angle and I am keen to ensure Give A Duck thrives and grows over the next few years.

I’m married to Craig – a fellow trustee – and we have two boys, Daniel and Oliver. As a family we have all committed to Give A Duck. We all fund raise in various ways for the charity and volunteer for events.