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Meet Arlo

Meet Arlo & Ducky!

The Give A Duck Foundation are proud to share Arlo’s story as part of the ‘Give A Duck this Christmas’ appeal, highlighting the incredible impact and amazing support Chemo Duck provides to children with cancer…

“Arlo was just 1 years old when he was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia (JMML) in April, a rare blood cancer that affects young children.


Our world was turned upside down when we got the diagnosis, he hadn’t been poorly but we had noticed blood spots on his ankles which later spread to his arms and face, so we took Arlo to our GP who sent us straight to hospital for blood tests.

His Chemo Duck came at the worst time of his life but he loves it so much, having it with him to cuddle every day.  It’s brought him comfort every day since diagnosis, he’d hold him tight whilst a doctor/nurse would examine him and we’d pretend to do the procedure on Ducky first in hope he’d find it that little bit easier.  He’s not gone to bed without Ducky since day one and tells us so if he isn’t in his cot.

Arlo loves to put new outfits on his him each month, it brought another smile to his face seeing him dressed in something different – Buzz Lightyear being the clear favourite so far! And one of his favourite animal noises, what does a duck do….‘Quack Quack’.

He really does love his Ducky, thank you for making a bad time in his life that bit brighter!!”- Jodie, mum.



Every week around 30 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer.  The Give A Duck Foundation provide Chemo Ducks to children with cancer and Huggable Hope ducks for their siblings.

Could you help Give A Duck continue to support families facing childhood cancer?

You can make a difference this Christmas.

Just £25 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.  Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help The Give A Duck Foundation continue to provide Chemo Ducks and Huggable Hope ducks to families facing childhood cancer throughout the UK.

To make a donation, please visit:

Visit: Give A Duck Christmas Appeal 2020

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