Yorkshire courier company flock to help Give A Duck

Leeds based courier company, Mailbox Express, have chosen to support The Give A Duck Foundation, as their nominated charity.

The charity provides Chemo Ducks to children with cancer, throughout the U.K. Chemo Ducks are used by Play Leaders to prepare children for the many challenging treatments they have to endure. In addition the charity support siblings by giving them Huggable Hopes.

Mailbox Express have offered to deliver the Ducks, free of charge, and will also do their own fundraising.

Darren Shaw, CEO, of Mailbox Express, said:

“This is a charity close to my heart, my son spent 18 months in and out of oncology at St. James Hospital and trying to explain to a 4 year old what is happening is very hard. All charities need help at the moment and this fits in with our “Keeping it Local” philosophy.”


Brian Curran, Head of Fundraising at Give A Duck said:

“We are grateful to Mailbox Express for this support. It couldn’t have come at a better time. This means we will save money on delivery costs to hospitals. We are working with more hospitals throughout the U.K. and the next day delivery means we can get the Chemo Ducks to the children very quickly.”

In addition to the Chemo Ducks, the company will also deliver duck outfits that have been made by volunteers of Blue Light Babies, saving the charity even more money.

All Mailbox Express drivers have been issued with Give A Duck badges and face coverings, both available to purchase from our online shop.

Thank you from everyone at The Give A Duck Foundation!

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