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Not all superheroes wear capes…

GNR Chemo Duck 3
Paul Barton set himself a challenge and half when he decided to be Chemo Duck at the Great North Run!

“We completed the run in just over 3 hours, after being stopped endlessly for dances and photos! Give A Duck is a charity that is supported by STM360, my employer, and I wanted to do my bit by raising some much-needed funds personally. I am in awe of the work the charity does for children and families and I wanted to support a charity where I know families are supported in my local area.

Although, when my wife suggested that I run in the mascot outfit, I hadn’t considered the logistics of a 6’2 duck on a bus from the car park at South Shields to the start line in Newcastle!!”

Paul is close to reaching his £1k target with over £850 raised so far = 34 Chemo Ducks funded for children with cancer.

You can still sponsor Paul via his JustGiving page here:

“Crossing the finish line was a massive relief, the outfit is certainly heavier than I expected, and I only actually did a training run of 22 seconds to get a video on the Saturday morning!”


Paul we think you are fantastically quackers and are so very proud of you. Who knew Chemo Duck could run AND dance?! Huge thank you also to your wife Debbie, for supporting you every ‘waddle of the way!’

Help Paul, aka ‘the running dancing Chemo Duck’ reach his £1k target by sponsoring him today!

You can watch Paul’s Chemo Duck dance at the Great North Run here!

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