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Meet Jack

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Jack received a Huggable Hope recently from The Give A Duck Foundation. His brother Henry is currently receiving treatment for leukaemia.
“Henry loves showing what his port and needle do on his Chemo Duck and the Huggable Hope gives Jack the same duck to hold and play with just like his big brother. To have something to find comfort in is lovely for both boys. Dressing them up in outfits is a great way for them to play alongside each other too. Such a wonderful idea for siblings.  I know the Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope are firm favourites in our house!” – Suzy, mum
Did you know…? We provide Huggable Hope ducks to support and comfort children whose brother or sister has cancer. Huggable Hope is our sibling duck, to help them also feel involved, he or she is just as cuddly and acts as reassurance for the sibling too.

Just £20 could fund a Huggable Hope to support a child who has a brother or sister with cancer in the UK.


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