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Meet Hattie

Meet Hattie & Duckie!

The Give A Duck Foundation are proud to share Hattie’s story as part of the ‘Give A Duck this Christmas’ appeal, highlighting the incredible impact and amazing support Chemo Duck provides to children with cancer…

“Hattie was 6 when she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma and was introduced to Chemo Duck in hospital. She loves that he has wigglies like her! Hattie has taken him into her school to show her friends and show them the Hickman Line.

Chemo Duck named ‘Duckie’ provides Hattie with comfort and he comes along to all hospital visits and appointments.  He’s now a part of the family – we even had a birthday party for him!  

Hattie also received an outfit knitted for Duckie made by ‘Blue Light Babies’ and loves getting him dressed each morning.  Hattie’s siblings love their Huggable Hope ducks, they provide much comfort and companionship, especially during our in-patient stays in hospital and when they have to be apart.”  Helen, mum

Every week around 30 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer.  The Give A Duck Foundation provide Chemo Ducks to children with cancer and Huggable Hope ducks for their siblings.

Could you help Give A Duck continue to support families facing childhood cancer?

You can make a difference this Christmas.

Just £25 could fund a Chemo Duck for a child with cancer.  Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help The Give A Duck Foundation continue to provide Chemo Ducks and Huggable Hope ducks to families facing childhood cancer throughout the UK.

To make a donation, please visit:

Visit: Give A Duck Christmas Appeal 2020

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