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Meet Venus

Venus and chemo duck 03 copy

“Venus absolutely loves her Chemo Duck.  She can completely relate to her duck with the portacath, wiggly and headscarf, as this resembles her present condition.

Venus suffers from NF1 and has an optic pathway glioma. She had her portacath fitted in February and then started her chemotherapy treatment the day after. We live down in Sussex and Venus attends Royal Marsden in Sutton, Royal Alex in Brighton and Guy’s in London. Three weeks ago her hair started to become loose and has since started to fall out. She loves taking Chemo Duck to the hospital with her on the days that she has her chemo as she feels they are both going through the treatment together.

She has also explained to her other cuddly toys that they all need to care for Chemo Duck as she is going through a very challenging time and requires their care and compassion. I think the way Chemo Duck has been made is fantastic for any child going through their own particular chemotherapy journey.” – Robert, dad

Did you know The Give A Duck Foundation now support over 25 UK hospitals, sending stock of Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope ducks to the Play Leaders who then introduce the ducks to the families in hospital on diagnosis.  We want every child diagnosed with cancer to receive a Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope for their sibling.  Your donations really do make a difference!

For every £25 donated you will receive a virtual gift Chemo Duck thank you card through your letter box in recognition of your support!



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