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“He says it makes him feel safe…”

Jaxson Super Mario

Jaxson was age 3 when he was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).  Jaxson’s mum heard about The Give A Duck Foundation via a fellow oncology mum and got in touch!

“Jax has named him “Chemo” and has done his blood pressure, scan and given him his medicine through his wiggly and Bella changed her Huggable Hope ducks outfit.  Jaxson loves that his Chemo Duck has a port a cath with removable wigglys just like him! He has helped him to understand why he has them and has made him more comfortable with his own. He likes to take him along to his appointments and says he makes him feel safe.  He also loves the book and activity book that came with Chemo Duck and has enjoyed reading it lots!

It’s so lovely that siblings get a Huggable Hope too.  Bella loves to copy anything her brother does, so she was definitely happy to have a duck the same! Also as you can imagine Jaxson get lots of gifts so this helped Bella not feel left out, plus she loves ducks!  Thank you again for everything you do!” – Sophy, mum

This is why we do what we do.  We want every child diagnosed with cancer in the UK to receive a Chemo Duck and Huggable Hope for their sibling.  Did you know a one-off donation of £25 could fund a Chemo Duck?

Donate £25 or more and you will receive a Chemo Duck virtual gift thank you card through the post in recognition of your support!

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